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​Our Value Proposition

The two pillars of our value proposition are:
  1. Mutual Partnership and Knowledge Transfer
  2. Focus on Value-Added Energy and Commodity Markets Solutions 
Mutual Partnership and Knowledge Transfer

At BSRA we strive to build long term partnerships to deliver a business advantage to our clients. We make the following commitments for our projects.
  • Provide a business advantage through customized risk management solutions
  • Delivering accurate, fast and efficient risk management solutions
  • Increase client’s productivity by leveraging our practical experience, intellectual property and know-how
  • Continually enhance our solutions to reflect best practices in valuation and risk management
  • Knowledge transfer: Our focus is on empowering our clients through mutual knowledge transfer to improve the value of our solutions for our clients.
Focus on Value-Added Energy and Commodity Markets Solutions

Energy and Commodity market behavior is substantially different from other financial markets. Valuation and risk models that rely on the  rong price process or unrealistic assumptions are likely to result in inaccurate valuations, as well as poor hedging and risk management decisions.

In addition, energy and commodity physical supply and delivery contracts, assets and structured products require specific modeling skills to incorporate operating constraints as well as trading strategies.

Our modeling approach is based on the understanding or the unique price behavior in energy and commodity markets as well as the multiple dimensions of risk factors involved in valuing and hedging complex contracts, physical assets and derivatives.

Our financial engineering experience and expertise can be leveraged to provide pragmatic risk management solutions that address specific business problems and are developed with the aim of supporting day-to-day decision making.

Do you want to stay ahead of your competition? Bring the BSRA Advantage!